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Signa HDx 3.0 Tesla MRI

Grossman Imaging Centerís is proud to announce the addition of a GE Signa EXCITE HDx 3.0T MR System, A state of the art High Definition Magnetic Resonance (HDMR) scanner. This advanced imaging technology will operate at a magnetic field strength of 3 Tesla, twice that of existing MRI systems. Radiologists will be able to capture more detailed images of anatomy and pathology, and evaluate a wide range of patient conditions, including stroke, musculoskeletal and heart disease. The HDx 3.0T MR system provides outstanding image quality for a confident diagnosis,.

  • Faster exams
  • Breakthroughs in Parallel Imaging
  • Lightening-quick Image Reconstructions
  • Exquisite image quality
  • Innovative acquisition strategies
  • Broadest range of advanced premium applications that meet your unmet clinical needs in Neuro, Breast, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Cardiac and Body

    Some of the procedures that the 3T MRI system will particularly benefit include:
  • MR Angiography
  • Neurological/Brain Imaging
  • Spine studies
  • Orthopedic-including elbow, wrist, hip, knee, foot and ankle
  • Pelvis-Male and Female
  • Abdominal
  • Functioning Imaging, Spectroscopy, and Brain Fiber Tracking

Click here to see images of the GE Signa EXCITE HDx 3.0T MR System