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There are many different insurance carriers, with each company having many different plans. Some of these carriers have no pre-authorization requirements and some may require pre-authorization by the Insurance carrier and / or a primary care physician.

If you have any questions regarding pre-authorization requirements please feel free to ask at the time of scheduling. You may be referred to our Insurance / Billing Department. If you have any questions or concerns about your coverage that we cannot answer, please call your carrier for details.

If at the time of your examination you have been unable to obtain all the necessary clearances that your insurance carrier requires, we may be unable to perform the exam. Every effort will be made by our Insurance / Billing Department to assist you and your physician in obtain the necessary authorization for your procedure.

To pay with credit card over the phone, please feel free to call our Insurance / Billing Department office at 805-278-5561.

NOW AVAILABLE! Pay your bill online! Click the following link to be directed to our secure payment website:

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