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At Grossman Imaging Centers we provide diagnostic imaging services utilizing cutting edge technology in an environment that is comfortable and friendly.

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Are you at risk for Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis leads to decreased bone strength and increases risk for fractures.

Bone Scan (Sodium Fluoride-NAF-18)

A bone scan is a nuclear scanning test that identifies new areas of bone growth or breakdown in the body’s skeletal system. Bone scans with sodium fluoride (NaF) performed at Grossman Imaging Center evaluate diseases and conditions that affect the skeletal system. These bone scans provide improved anatomic detail over conventional gamma systems. In addition, since images are correlated with CT scan images, they provide greater accuracy in detecting the extent of osteolytic and osteoblastic cancer metastases (spreading).

Radiologists at Grossman Imaging Center evaluate damage to the bones from any cancer that has spread (metastasized) from other areas. Bone scans often reveal problems much earlier than typical X-rays and have become a valuable screening study and a tool for assessing response to therapy for cancer that has spread to the bone. Bone scans provide evaluation of orthopedic injuries, fractures, tumors, or unexplained bone pain.

Other benefits of NaF-18 sodium fluoride bone scans include enhanced capability for identifying benign and malignant lesions or tumors. People who are sent by their doctors for a bone scan will receive complete instructions about how to prepare, what to wear, what to expect and a thorough explanation of the procedure. Screening and diagnostic bone scans are provided at Grossman Imaging Center at our Ventura Office and Gonzales office.

Bone Scan Benefits performed in our Grossman Imaging Center Ventura and Oxnard Offices:


  • Higher-resolution system provides outstanding image quality

  • Helps assess responses to therapies

  • Aids in critical treatment decisions

  • Highly accurate in detecting bone metastases

  • Bone scans - evaluation of orthopedic injuries, fractures, tumors, or unexplained bone pain

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