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Dear Patients

We continue to monitor and take all of the available recommendations into account when scheduling a patient for an examination.   We will continue to monitor for any possible exposure to COVID-19 closely and adhere to CDC guidelines for sanitization.

How we prioritize Health and Safety for our patients and staff

  • Patients shall be screened by telephone prior to scheduling to make sure they do not have symptoms related to COVID-19 and have not been directly exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

  • Patients that are on the schedule shall be called the day before  their exam to screen them again prior to their coming to the facility for their appointment to make sure that they have not developed any symptoms.

  • Patients will be instructed to take their temperature prior to arriving for their appointment.  If the patient has a fever, they will be asked to reschedule their appointment and immediately contact their primary care physician.

  • Patients with  symptoms of the virus will not  be put on the schedule. They will be referred back to their physician to determine if COVID-19 testing is indicated.

  • Signs will be posted on all entry doorways with instruction related specifically to the virus.

  • Only patients will be allowed into the office, unless the patient is a minor, or must have a caregiver.   In this case ONE parent/guardian/caregiver will be allowed to accompany the patient.   This additional person will also be asked our COVID-19 screening questions.   Others will be asked to wait in their car.

  • After checking in at the reception desk the patient will be asked to wait in their car when possible until they are called to come in for their exam.

  • We limit the number of people in the patient waiting room to reduce exposure.

  • Patients will be asked to bring a face cover/mask to be work at all times in our office.

  • Patient instructed that they may bring their own pen to use.   We regularly sanitize any pens immediately following use.

  • No walk-in patients will be seen.

  • All screening exams such as mammography, DEXA, CT screening will be scheduled  on a case by case basis when appropriate and the patient is screened for symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Social distancing  shall be practiced by all employees.

  • Patients will also be asked to adhere to the recommended 6 foot social distancing when possible.

  • Face masks shall be worn by all employees that have direct contact with patients including receptionists, technologists and patient care coordinators.  All employees are required to wear masks when walking through the office and other departments.

  • Hand washing shall be practiced by all employees after each procedure. Washing instructions, as per CDC guidelines, shall be observed by all.

  • All surfaces shall be sanitized after each interface with a patient. This includes reception as well as all exam rooms and equipment utilized during the exam or procedure. Appointment times have been adjusted to allow for additional sanitization of exam rooms. Wipe any areas around your workstation frequently.

  • All employees shall be trained in mitigation, sterilization and how to use PPE.

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